Austin Boxing Babes Goes Virtual

Whether you train with us in boxing or martial arts, whether you are a kid or an adult, we have found a way to continue your training despite being home-bound. The following services are available to all of you, no matter what membership you hold with us.
Virtual Offerings
We?ve set up live virtual classes through Zoom for 7am, 12pm, and 6pm Monday-Friday! Attending these classes will help all of our members (martial artists, boxers, kids & adults) stay in shape and improve their punching technique. Click here to learn how to sign up for virtual classes.
Pre-Recorded Workouts
Can’t join our live virtual classes? Check out our private, members-only YouTube Channel. You can access boxing and conditioning workouts, Kajukenbo forms, Kajukenbo Drills, videos about technique (more will be added each week), and more. If you are interested in accessing our recorded workouts, please email us at
Virtual Kid and Adult Kajukenbo Classes
Sifu Julia will hold virtual martial arts classes for adults on Tuesday and Thursday from 5-6 pm. Our Kajukenbo Kids class will be held on Wednesdays from 4-4:30. Ms. Janna sends out weekly Bingo Cards for our martial arts kids to complete in order to earn stripes. Click?here?to learn how to sign up for virtual classes.
Virtual Class Tips and Tricks
If you’ve never used video conferencing software before, or are just looking for a few tips and tricks, click here.
Receiving our Emails
When you attended your first class, you had the option to sign up for our newsletter. If you marked that you did not want to receive it, you may not have gotten our last few emails. In order to make sure all our current members are receiving important news from us amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve changed the notification preferences on our members’ accounts. If you still do not want to receive these emails, please click the “unsubscribe” button on the bottom of this page.