Guide to Classes at Austin Boxing Babes among COVID-19

Hey Boxing Babes and Kajukenbo Warriors! 

We?re so excited to offer even more classes starting June 1st! In order to ensure safety for both instructors and members, please follow these best practices and guidelines:

-Participants MUST sign up for classes ahead of time via MindBody because classes will be capped. 
-Due to the limited number of in person spots available, you must cancel your reservation 3 hours in advance of class time, otherwise you will be penalized a $5 cancellation fee. This does not apply to virtual classes.
-If you are feeling sick, have been around a sick person, or have traveled, please do not come to in-person classed for 14 days. 
-Since we will be exposed to the elements, we will cancel outdoor classes in the case of rain. We will notify you via email as soon as possible.
-The restroom will be available for use and the water fountain can be used to refill water bottles only (not for drinking directly from it). The shower and changing room, however, will NOT be available. Please change into your workout clothes at home prior to coming to class.
-Because we are held to a capacity, please don’t bring children, friends, or plus-ones of any kind. The only people who should be coming are the actual participants. 
-No rental equipment will be provided, and coaches will not assist in wrapping hands. 
-For outdoor classes, outdoor shoes will be necessary, and you are welcome to wear shorts (it?s hot out there!).
-You will need to wipe down your equipment with the sanitizer provided after use.

Please bring the following to class, as they will not be provided:
-water (LOTS AND LOTS)
-hand wraps
-jump rope
-yoga mat or thick towel (for ab and ground work)
-mask or bandana in case of close contact before or after class, or during cleanup.
-sunscreen or mosquito spray for outdoor classes (optional)

Upon Arrival:
-Please remain in your vehicle or outside the gym until 5 minutes before your scheduled class is set to start.
-Please wear your mask when entering the building and while working out for indoor classes and open gym.
-Please use hand sanitizer or wash your hands when you first come to class.
-We will be doing temp checks for indoor classes

If you have any additional questions, please let us know at or call 737-202-0008. We look forward to seeing you at the gym soon, and thank you for your patience and flexibility as we continue to adjust to our changing environment!