Accountability Challenge

Last week we talked about accountability and how some thoughtful reflection and self-awareness can help us predict roadblocks that would prevent us from reaching our goals. We asked you to reflect on these roadblocks and how you might address them head-on.

For this month’s challenge, find an accountability partner to check in with. This can be a friend, coach, sibling, parent, or yourself. 

An accountability partner is someone that:

  • You can trust to keep you on the right path. Let them know your plans, and let them know your progress.
  • Speaks your language. i.e. if you need some tough love, that person is always the one that gives it to you straight. (?Get your ass outta bed we?re training!?)
  • Has already done what you plan to do, or someone with whom you can find solutions to your roadblocks.

An accountability partner is not:

  • Someone that gives into excuses or allows behavior that does not fit the goals that you have set for yourself. 
  • Responsible for your success or failures, you are.  

As always, reward yourself along the way. An ?I did it!? text or jot in your journal after a morning workout can be enough. You can always post to our private, member’s only, Facebook group?here?for a virtual high five from your fellow boxers.