Coachability Challenge

Last week we talked about coachability and how important it is to seek out and be comfortable with feedback.

For this month’s challenge, you are going to purposefully seek out feedback in an area of your life, actually implement it, and tell a friend or family member the result of taking that feedback. Did it go well? Did you learn something new? Did you improve in an area of your life? This feedback can be in a work, personal, or boxing setting.

Examples of when you might ask for feedback:

-You’re having a hard time staying balanced in your fighter’s stance. Do I need to adjust my feet?
-You’re unsure of your work performance. Are you doing well? What can you do better?
-You’re constantly bickering with your roommate. Is there a way you can express your wishes better to them? Is there something that you might be doing that is bothering them, and you didn’t know it?

Dos and Don’ts of Getting Feedback:

DON’T be defensive or explain why you did what you did. Remember, you’re asking for a critique in an effort to become a better person!
DO ask the appropriate person for the feedback. After all, you wouldn’t ask the manager at your engineering firm about boxing.
DO write it down. Writing it down ensures that you won’t forget it, and you’re more likely to stick to it.
DON’T panic if it takes someone a minute to provide feedback. They’re crafting a thoughtful response.

Asking for feedback regularly makes you a more coachable person and helps build upon skills over time. Be sure to take time to acknowledge your progress and how you utilized the feedback to your advantage. You can always post to our private FB group for a virtual high five from your fellow boxers.