Motivation Challenge

Last week we talked about motivation. Does it actually exist or is it a fleeting feeling? How can we use repeated actions to accomplish a goal?

For this month’s challenge, you are going to track your workouts or other goal you’re trying to reach on a physical calendar then assess how well it went. Was it easier or harder than you thought? Do you need to reassess the goal you’re trying to accomplish and scale back or scale up? Remember: your goals could be anything from attending 3 classes a week to meditating 10 minutes a day to flossing every morning. 

Here’s a reminder of the different approaches you can use to help reach a goal:

1) Stack Habits – associate the goal with an already established habit.
2) Do the Hard Thing First – just get it over with!
3) Be Consistent – do the thing at the same times/frequencies each week.
4) Reward Yourself – indulge yourself in an extra hour of Netflix once you finish.

Relying on motivation alone can be risky considering motivation comes and goes. Using different tactics to accomplish a task when motivation no longer exists helps make a goal more attainable. Be sure to take time to acknowledge your progress and how you utilized these different tactics to your advantage. You can always post to our private FB group for a virtual high five from your fellow boxers.