Effort Challenge

Last week we talked about effort. Relying on your boss or coworker to help you do your job is inefficient. Likewise, relying on a coach or the person on the bag next to you isn’t always the best way to make sure you try your hardest in class. Visualizing the goal, looking inward, and digging deep can help us push through a difficult task and put forth our best effort.

For this month’s challenge, you are going to do a benchmark workout for the next color band on your own. Was it easier or harder than you thought? Were you engaged the entire time or did you ‘zone out’ or quit part way through? As a reminder, a benchmark is a workout where you complete the next set of color band requirements to the best of your abilities and take note of requirements you were able to complete, and those that you need to work on. After your benchmark, you should use Coach Stacy’s visualization techniques in class to stay present and help you work hard.

A month after you finish, log your first benchmark workout, and practice visualization during your workouts, you’ll complete another one. How did this benchmark differ from the first?

Be sure to take time to acknowledge your progress and how you utilized visualization to complete the task at hand. If you need help locating the band requirements or would like a benchmark worksheet, please email us. Once you’re done with your benchmarks, post to our private FB group for a virtual high five from your fellow boxers.