Updates to our COVID Policies

Austin Women’s Boxing Club Members and Guests,

We have recently made changes to our COVID precautions and policies. Please read the following carefully:

-In accordance with CDC guidance, fully vaccinated individuals may remove their masks indoors. Partially or non-vaccinated individuals must still wear it while inside the building.

-Participants MUST sign up for classes ahead of time via MindBody because classes will be capped.  Registration for sign-up closes 20 minutes prior to class.

-Due to the limited number of in person spots available, you must cancel your reservation 3 hours in advance of class time, otherwise you will be penalized a $5 cancellation fee. This does not apply to virtual classes.

-If you are feeling sick or have been around a sick person, please do not come to in-person classes. Please take advantage of our virtual offerings instead.

-Please clean equipment after use.

-Because we are held to a capacity, please don’t bring children, friends, or plus-ones of any kind. The only people who should be coming are the actual participants.  

If you have any questions, please email us at info@austinwomensboxingclub.com. Thank you!