Band Test Overview

What is a band test? 

All our members start out as “white bands.” Think of this like your martial arts belt, but for boxing. Every 3-4 months, members who are ready to earn their next ranking are invited to the band test where they can show off their skills and support their fellow boxers. Many times, boxers’ success is measured by their win-loss record, but since many of our boxers are not interested in competing, the band test is a great way for our members to have tangible goals and measure growth.

How do I know if I’m ready to test?

You should intend on coming to class regularly in the 3 months prior to the test. You should also be checking in with your instructor to ensure they’re aware that you’re interested in testing. Then, the two of you can come up with a plan together to make sure you’re ready. If you are told that you are not yet ready to test, please do not be offended. It means that we know you are capable of improvement. We would rather you wait until the next test date to ace all the requirements than not perform at your best or with poor form on test day.

How do I sign up for the band test? Do I just show up to test day?

Signing up for the band test requires the approval of your instructors. You may not sign up for the test without checking in with them. Prior to being enrolled in the test, you will be given a benchmark worksheet. You will fill out the requirements that you need to complete to show that you are ready for the next rank, and you will be asked to show these skills to your instructors in the weeks leading up to the test. Your instructor will put their initials next to the skill that you completed successfully. For example, if you are required to do 5 perfect pushups and complete them, Coach Alex will put her initials next to that skill. If you are unable to do that skill, you do not receive her initials until it’s completed. You will need instructor initials next to all requirements before you are enrolled in testing.  

This requires some careful planning on your part. You will need ample time to complete all the requirements in the weeks before the test. The cutoff date to be enrolled in the band test is 7 days prior. No exceptions. Our recommendation to you is that you benchmark your skills 2-3 weeks prior to the deadline so you have the opportunity to retry certain skills if they need work.

We hold a “benchmark week” several weeks prior to testing, where we work on band test requirements in class. This is the preferred time to knock out the bulk of your requirements. You are also welcome to come into Open Gym time and check in with an instructor. If absolutely necessary, you can complete some of the requirements during regular class time so long as you check in with an instructor and there is a time that it can be worked into the regular class.

The band test costs $35. It covers your certificate, color band, and extra instructor time.

For questions about the band test, email us at!