Important Information Regarding our Next Band Test!

Save the date! August 27th is our next Band Test! Thank you for your cooperation as we navigated a new band test sign up process prior to our June test. We learned a lot on how to make this run smoothly for both participants and instructors, and we have some procedure updates. Please read the following carefully.

How do I sign up for the band test? Do I just show up on test day?

Enrolling in the band test requires the approval of your instructors. You will receive a benchmark worksheet where you can record your progress with each requirement. You must demonstrate to an instructor that you can complete the requirement and receive initials from the coach. You must have coaches’ initials next to each requirement before you will be allowed to enroll in testing.

This requires some careful planning on your part. You will need ample time to complete all the requirements in the weeks before the test. The cutoff date to be enrolled in the band test is 7 days prior or 20 total participants (whichever comes first)No exceptions. 

We hold a “benchmark week” several weeks prior to testing, where we work on band test requirements in class. Benchmark week is the most realistic and efficient way to get your initials on your requirements since we do the requirements during class. Expect to come to multiple classes that week, as we do not cover every requirement all at once. 

If you’d like to get some of your benchmark items initialed during Open Gym time, please email us ahead of time ( to make sure an instructor is available to do so. If absolutely necessary, you can complete some of the requirements during normal class times so long as you check in with an instructor and there is a time that it can be worked into a station or another instructor is available to assist.

How do I fill out my benchmark worksheet? It’s blank. 

There will be a “Goal” column under both the fitness and boxing sections. Find the boxing requirements of the color band you will be testing for. Fill in the correct requirements under it’s corresponding “goal” space. If you anticipate needing an alternative exercise or modification in a category, leave that space blank until you check in with an instructor. 

When you believe that you’ve met the goal (eg, a 45 second plank or 25 standups), you will need to perform that skill in front of an instructor. Please check in with the instructor to let them know, prior to attempting the activity, that you’d like them to watch and initial it on your sheet, not after. Do not hand an instructor a blank sheet and ask for initials. Fill out your “goal” section ahead of time, and enter in what you were actually able to complete in the square next to it prior to handing the sheet to an instructor.

I had half my sheet filled out and initialed last time but didn’t test. Do I need to start over? 

Yes – even if you had most of your requirements filled out and initialed on your benchmark worksheet, you should start over with a fresh one. You should follow the same procedures outlined above and show the instructors the fitness or boxing requirements. This demonstrates to the instructors that you have maintained that skill over time.

I have an injury, can I still test? I’ve tried so hard to do my eccentric pull up, but I can’t hold myself above the bar, and this is holding me back. How can I test?

All band test requirements can be modified for injuries or mobility challenges. We also are able to modify requirements if there has been consistent and measurable improvement in your skillset, but you have not quite reached the requirement as it’s written. For example, some boxers are very strong and can lift a lot of weight, but cannot hold themselves above the bar yet for their eccentric pull up. In this case, we may have them perform a lat pulldown at a specific weight. Others may have knee injuries and need to do a 1000m row instead of jumprope. Please talk to your instructor about specific challenges you are having with injuries, mobility, or a challenging skill. All modifications or substitutions must be approved by an instructor.

The band test costs $35. It covers your certificate, color band, and extra instructor time.

We’re so excited to implement these changes and improvements to the band test. Our favorite things as instructors is to see our members thrive and grow their skills, and we think these additions and changes will help you do that. If you have any questions, please email us at