About Austin Women's Boxing Club

We pride ourselves on being the first and only all-women’s boxing gym in Austin. We are run entirely by women who are all USA Boxing certified coaches. We teach women who have never put on boxing gloves before as well as those who are getting ready to compete at the local club level and anything in between. 

It’s the ideal mix: professional, knowledgeable, and authentic boxing training in an all women environment. It’s for those who want to learn real boxing (not the watered-down version you find in boxing franchises & chains) but want to learn in a respectful, safe, and clean environment. 

Strength Comes from Overcoming Adversity

Boxing will test you, not only physically, but mentally too. It is one of the toughest sports to learn, according to an ESPN study. You must be mentally strong to push through and build your skills when it seems like you will never “get it.” Boxing will help you look life straight in the eye and say, “bring it on.” It’s important for us to train real boxing skills in order for our members to get the mental payoff from their training. 

Workouts Should Be Hard, but Fun

Although our workouts are going to push you, we encourage each other and cheer each other’s accomplishments. When you’re working out with such an amazing group of women, you’re bound to have a good time.