Updates to our COVID Policies

Austin Women’s Boxing Club Members and Guests, We have recently made changes to our COVID precautions and policies. Please read the following carefully: -In accordance with CDC guidance, fully vaccinated individuals may remove their masks indoors. Partially or non-vaccinated individuals must still wear it while inside the building. -Participants MUST sign up for classes ahead of time […]

Effort Challenge

Last week we talked about effort. Relying on your boss or coworker to help you do your job is inefficient. Likewise, relying on a coach or the person on the bag next to you isn’t always the best way to make sure you try your hardest in class. Visualizing the goal, looking inward, and digging […]


By Stacy Nakell When you come to a boxing class, how much effort do you put into each exercise? Do you depend on the teacher or other students to amplify your effort? Do you find yourself putting in less effort and beginning to daydream as soon as the teacher looks away, or do you still […]

Motivation Challenge

Last week we talked about motivation. Does it actually exist or is it a fleeting feeling? How can we use repeated actions to accomplish a goal? For this month’s challenge, you are going to track your workouts or other goal you’re trying to reach on a physical calendar then assess how well it went. Was it […]

Motivation is a Myth

It’s your first day back in the gym from winter break. You are so pumped. NEW YEAR NEW YOU. You have taken the time to write out your month of training in your new planner. 30 day cardio butt blaster challenge #567. You are not going to stop. This burning desire is squashed on day […]

Coachability Challenge

Last week we talked about coachability and how important it is to seek out and be comfortable with feedback. For this month’s challenge, you are going to purposefully seek out feedback in an area of your life, actually implement it, and tell a friend or family member the result of taking that feedback. Did it […]

What Happens When You Take Your Coach’s Advice

Coachability isn?t a word or a trait that we hear very often come up when describing a person, whether it be for a job or a spot on your varsity softball team. What does it even mean? Simply put, rarely do we have all of the tools necessary to be a perfect boxer, engineer, parent, […]

Important Housekeeping: Please Read!

Hey Y?all!We hope everyone is having a safe and healthy summer so far. We have some very important housekeeping, so?please read the following carefully: Labor Day?Weekend:?We will be closed for in person and virtual classes?Monday, September 7th?in observance of Labor Day holiday. Our normal schedule will resume?Tuesday, September 8th.?Check out our At Home Workout YouTube […]

Accountability Challenge

Last week we talked about accountability and how some thoughtful reflection and self-awareness can help us predict roadblocks that would prevent us from reaching our goals. We asked you to reflect on these roadblocks and how you might address them head-on. For this month’s challenge, find an accountability partner to check in with. This can be […]

Breaking Down Accountability

It?s 6am, the alarm has gone off, and you?re really comfy in bed. Do you really need to go to that 7am class? Would sleeping in before work instead really be all that bad? You intended on going to three classes this week, but it?s already Thursday and you?ve only gone to one. You told […]