Current Class Offerings

As Texas continues to see spread of the virus, we realize that not everybody has the same comfort level to return to normal. We’ve decided to offer several different training options to give you a choice that makes you comfortable. New members can book one of our classes on this page or join our beginners boxing workshop. 

If you have difficulty registering or questions, please contact us or call us at 737-202-0008

See Full Schedule Below

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Boxing Schedule

Outdoor Classes

If you’re ready to sweat in the Texas evening heat and learn boxing technique while you’re at it, this is the class for you. Check out the schedule below to see changes in when we’re holding these classes.

Indoor Classes

Our Indoor Boxing classes are fun, technical, and a great workout. You can expect a mobility and dynamic warm up, technical boxing drills, heavy bag, mitt work, or partner work.


Open Gym

Austin Boxing Babes Facilitie

Reserve a space for an hour long workout. Follow our workout or do your own thing. We do ask that you wipe down and clean equipment after you’re done.