Current Class Offerings

 New members can book one of our classes on this page or join our beginners boxing workshop. 

If you have difficulty registering or questions, please contact us or call us at 737-202-0008

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Boxing Schedule

All - Levels Boxing Classes

Our All-Levels Boxing classes are fun, technical, and a great workout. You can expect a mobility and dynamic warm up, technical boxing drills, heavy bag, mitt work, or partner work. These classes are open to members and trial participants.


Advanced Classes

Learn how to properly defend yourself and get practical experience in the ring with a partner in our Boxing with Contact and Sparring classes. Boxers should have a fitted mouthpiece and be proficient in their basic punches, head movement, and footwork prior to attending these classes. These classes are for members only.

Strength Classes

Dumbbells, kettlebells, squat racks, resistance bands and more! This instructor-led class is great for everyone from the beginner to advanced weightlifters. It’s a great addition to round out your boxing training. These classes are for members only.

Open Gym

Austin Boxing Babes Facilitie

Members can reserve a space for an hour long workout. Follow our workout or do your own thing. We do ask that you wipe down and clean equipment after you’re done.