Women's Boxing

One of a Kind Women's Boxing in Austin

Many workout routines can improve cardiovascular performance, increase strength, lower stress and help you lose weight. But boxing with Austin Women’s Boxing Club gives you more than just a physical challenge.

You don’t just show up here to hit a bag for an hour. We teach you how to move like a boxer, how to throw combos, and more. Building your skills through disciplined training is personally rewarding and will build your confidence inside the ring and in your personal life. 

We train in real Olympic-style boxing with all women coaches in a safe and supportive environment for women…and by the way NO you don’t need to get hit to work out here!

If you’re ready to check us out, come try one of our beginner workshops that we hold twice a month. You’ll quickly understand what separates us from other workout classes.

– Head Trainer Julia Gschwind

More than just a Gym

"Austin Women's Boxing Club has given me a safe haven to work through so many physical and mental obstacles. It's my time and space to turn the noise off and focus just on myself."
Stephanie H.
"Austin Women's Boxing Club is my family. The coaches and members are my support system both in and out of the gym. They're always pushing me to be better, encouraging me in both good times and bad <3"
Testimonial Photo
Gloria W.

How Our Classes Work

Each class, our boxers focus on a different skill like footwork, jabs, or defense.

Your USA Boxing Certified instructors will take you through:

  • Dynamic warmup
  • Drills related to the week’s skill focus
  • Bag work (speed bag, heavy bag, double end bag)
  • Partner drills (parrying, blocking, defense)
  • Boxing conditioning  
  • Cool down and stretch

We have frequent classes throughout the week, including the morning and middle of the day. See our schedule to find out more about class times. 

With our small class sizes and great instructors, we can give individual feedback and coaching. We also use a ranking system to pair you up with partners at a similar level.

Supportive Community of Women

Talk to our members and you’ll hear this a lot: there’s just no other workout in Austin quite like this. You’ll realize they’re not just talking about the workout, they’re talking about the culture here. Our Boxers push each other and help each other through drills. Several have even risen through the ranks and now have become instructors or competitors. There’s a sense of community, of shared struggle and shared achievement. The women are really what make Austin Women’s Boxing Club what it is.

Learn more about our gym and philosophy

Competitive Boxing Team

Although most of our members do not box competitively, we have a small group of women who do compete locally. Several more members train with the team and spar during advanced sessions, but do not compete. 

We have had numerous local champions. Many had never started boxing before showing up to our classes. 

Read more about our competitive boxing team