No! You don’t ever have to spar but we prepare you for it in a step-by-step approach. Partner drills for beginners are designed to involve little to no contact.

More advanced students can participate in contact partner drills and attend a separate sparring class. They are required to wear head, groin and mouth protection. These contact partner exercises allow students to learn about range, timing and speed.

Austin Women’s Boxing Club is a women-only environment and classes are taught by female instructors.

We train with a traditional martial arts philosophy that emphasizes the values of respect, discipline and friendship. It’s a very clean, well-equipped gym where everybody can feel safe and comfortable.

You will get to know your instructor and your instructor will get to know you. Because of the small class size and the way we teach, we make sure you learn proper techniques and get results.

Yes. Our classes are designed for beginners and advanced students. We work with you to slowly
build up your strength and stamina. Our small class sizes allow us to accommodate students with different levels of fitness and allow them to train at their own pace.

Yes, Austin Women’s Boxing Club welcomes all women no matter their sexual orientation.

Private lessons will increase your progression two to three times faster than by taking group lessons alone. The personalized attention and energy of an instructor is a tremendous advantage.

Group lessons are good because it allows you to see how different people react to situations and techniques. You also get to meet new people and friends.

That really depends on your level of fitness and your goals. Usually, working out 2 – 3 times per week is a good start but we’ll work with you to determine what’s right for you.

There are many correct ways to wrap your hands but here’s a link to a short
video on how we wraps hand at Austin Women’s Boxing Club:

For sanitary reasons, we ask that you do not wear shorts. Please wear a pair of workout pants that go over the knees. We work out barefoot or in boxing shoes that are only worn inside the gym. Remember to bring a towel and water to your workout. 

You will need hand wraps, boxing gloves, wrist band, mouth piece and a jump rope. We have all available in a starter kit or they can be purchased individually. Boxing shoes are also recommended but are not required. 

More advanced students who want to spar will need 16oz sparring gloves as well as head, mouth, and groin protection.

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