"Austin Women's Boxing Club is so welcoming and supportive...it's the therapy I didn't know I needed. I love meeting all the different members from different ages with different jobs and daily lives"
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Karen. B
All the instructors here are experienced, knowledgeable, passionate and positive. They'll help you reach athletic goals you never thought possible. AWBC will grow you into your best self, both inside and out of the ring.
Testimonial Photo Charlie
Charlie L.
"Austin Women's Boxing Club has given me a safe haven to work through so many physical and mental obstacles. It's my time and space to turn the noise off and focus just on myself."
Stephanie H.
"AWBC is my family. The coaches and members are my support system both in and out of the gym. They're always pushing me to be better, encouraging me in both good times and bad <3"
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Gloria W.
Not only is it a phenomenal workout for your body, it’s a great workout for your mind... learning different combos and moves I’ve never done. Not to mention a great emotional outlet! I take out all my stress and frustrations on the bag
Jess L.
I couldn't have asked for a better gym experience. Overall, it's nothing but positivity and a wonderful community of strong women from all walks of life that somehow managed to find a common ground in boxing.
Yara E.

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