Beginner Boxing Workshop

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Get a boxing crash course in our Beginner Boxing Workshop

Get Introduced to Boxing Safely

 Beginners get all their questions answered in our beginner boxing workshop. We’ll teach you how to wrap your hands, throw your basic punches, and do several rounds on the heavy bag, speed bag, and focus mitts. At the end, you’ll know whether our classes are right for you! 

  • High level of individual attention
  • Hour long class
  • Learn how to punch the right way
  • Learn how our classes work

Next Workshops 

February 23rd from 6-7pm
March 8th from 6-7pm
March 13th from 8-9pm
March 22nd from 6-7pm

Why Should You Choose Us Over Another Workout?

Top Quality Instructors

We have a team of USA Boxing Certified coaches ready to push you. You’ll get proper instruction on how to punch safely and how to move like a boxer. You’ll get a surge of confidence as you improve your skills week after week. 

The Best Community You'll Find at a Gym

Our community is what makes this gym so special. Our members support each other through tough workouts and get excited to see each other’s progress. We also meet up outside the gym for community service, catching the latest big boxing match, and supporting the competitive team in their local fights.  

Make Your Workout Fun, Not a Chore

A lot of women here at the gym have told us: “I used to hate working out. I couldn’t get myself to the gym because it’s just so boring, but I love coming here.” When you are working out in a group class, where everyone has your back, you’re going to have fun. An hour long workout goes by fast at Austin Boxing Babes.

I couldn't have asked for a better gym experience. Overall, it's nothing but positivity and a wonderful community of strong women from all walks of life that somehow managed to find a common ground in boxing.
Yara. E
All the instructors here are experienced, knowledgeable, passionate and positive. They'll help you reach athletic goals you never thought possible. Austin Boxing Babes will grow you into your best self, both inside and out of the ring.
Testimonial Photo Charlie
Charlie L.

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