Color Band Test

Several times a year, our members participate in a color band test. Similar to the colored belt ranking system of other traditional martial arts, all students start as a white band. The color band system is a great way to mark your individual progress as your fitness and your skills increase.

Even if you don’t want to train to be a fighter, the color band test is great motivation to set a new goal, up your intensity in the gym, and really challenge yourself to achieve.

Students who are invited to have their skills measured can expect rigorous sessions that test their knowledge and application of techniques, strength, endurance, speed, coordination, and adaptability. Regular attendance, consistently progressive workouts, and focus on these goals are the typical behaviors and characteristics of students who successfully achieve their new rank. It goes without saying that AWBC students wear their “colors” with pride.

The test days themselves create the perfect environment for teamwork and bonding to thrive. And they’re a great way to support your fellow boxers. Not to mention we always go to breakfast afterwards. Because we earned it.