More than a Gym

At Austin Women’s Boxing Club, you’ll build boxing skills, confidence, and community in classes run by USA Boxing Certified Coaches. 

Ready to Try Boxing?

Join our Beginner Boxing workshop and find out if boxing is for you. You’ll learn the basics of how to punch powerfully, wrap your hands and how to move in the ring. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about the gym in a safe environment alongside others who are also new to boxing.

Join a workshop and get a free starter kit ($110 value) when you become a member. 

Can’t make it to our Friday evening Beginner Workshops? Schedule a 30 min private session here.

Next Workshops: 

Fridays 5/19, 6/2, 6/23, and 6/30 from 6-7pm

Boxer with Hands Up

"Assert Yourself" Workshop Series


You’ve shared – and we’ve listened.

Our “Assert Yourself” workshop 2023 Series addresses questions inspired by the most personal fears you shared with us.

Each workshop focuses on one of the scenarios you asked us about, i.e. what can be done when grabbed from behind (on hair or clothing); controlled on the floor between legs or on top of torso; pushed against a wall and choked; attacked with punches; etc.…We focus on the most effective responses that can be done by a beginner, and also address the mental skills and attitudes required to deal with these kind of situations.

Workshop Dates 2023:

Jan 28th, Feb 25th, Mar 25th, Apr 22nd, May 27th, Jun 24th, Aug 26th, Sep 23rd, Oct 28th, 1-3pm 

Thank you for Attending the pride parade with us!

Women's Boxing in South Austin

Welcome to Austin Women’s Boxing Club, the most unique boxing gym in Austin. Our women’s only boxing classes will push you in a totally new way. There’s no watered down boxing here. You’ll learn real boxing techniques from our group of women USA Boxing Certified coaches.

Our philosophy is that challenging yourself leads to personal growth both in and out of the ring. Our members get hooked on learning punch combinations, footwork, punching power and more. As you grow your skills, you’ll grow your confidence.

If you’re looking for a fun workout with a great group of women, try out Austin’s Women’s Boxing Club! 

– Julia Gschwind, Owner and Trainer at AWBC

Read more about our boxing program

Convenient class times throughout the week. Check our schedule

Free Access to Boxing for Girls

HeadStrong Girls’ Boxing offers FREE classes in the communities and schools where their students live, ensuring location and expense is never a barrier to access quality training and instruction. HeadStrong Girls’ Boxing was inspired by the AWBC community and founded by some of our coaches!

Learn more about the non-profit HeadStrong Girls’ Boxing

HeadStrong Girls' Boxing

What Separates Us from the Fitness Franchises?

Personal Challenges = Personal Growth

Most of the boxing/kickboxing geared towards women is basically an aerobic workout. There’s nothing wrong with those type of classes, but many women want more. Our classes are going to challenge you physically and mentally as you learn technique and how to spar. You don’t need to get hit, but we train every student like they’re preparing for the ring. Read testimonials from our members about how empowering boxing is. 

Grow Your Skills and Grow Your Rank

Similar to Martial Arts dojos, our boxers also have a color ranking system. As you build up your skill set, you will be invited to attend our color band tests. It’s a fun way to come together and celebrate the success of all the women at the school. Plus we go out to breakfast after!

Learn more about our ranking system

Women-Led Classes for Women

It’s important to us to create a space for women to try something new in a supportive community without sacrificing a real boxing experience. Learn more about our awesome all-women group of US Boxing Certified coaches.

Beginners Always Welcome

Most of our students have never boxed before. We make sure beginners feel welcome and are integrated into classes from Day 1. Check out our beginners boxing workshop. 

Conveniently Located Off South Lamar

Address: 2919 Menchaca Rd, Suite 210, Austin, TX 78704

Phone: 737-202-0008

Parking available in our lot